Registration Fees

For each stage of POM2012

POF and FEDO affiliate

Until 29Jan

From 29Jan until 4Feb

Born in 1992 and after

3,00 €

4,50 €

Born in 1991 and before

5,00 €

7,50 €

Elite Class

6,00 €

8,50 €


Until 29Jan

From 29Jan until 4Fev

Born in 1992 and after

5,00 €

7,50 €

Born in 1991 and before

8,00 €

12,00 €

Elite Class

9,00 €

13,00 €

Registration fees for open classes
Registration for Open classes is always 3 € per young affiliated, 5 € per adult affiliated or young non-affiliated and 8 € per adult non-affiliated.

Any data change after 4th of February will have a fee of 2,00€

Other Fees

Sport insurance

  • Athletes affiliated in POF are covered by POF insurance;
  • National and Portuguese resident non-affiliated athletes, are covered by POF insurance;
  • Foreign and/or non-resident athletes are not covered by any insurance; they should provide for their own security and insurance.

Model Event
2,00 € for each map / Model Event

SPORTIdent renting

  • € 2,0 per day only to competition and formation classes. For open classes is free.
  • € 50, 00 caution payment per SI Card. The SI will be handed only after caution payment. Caution payment will occur in the secretariat.
  • At the end of the event, rented SI Cards should be returned at the Secretariat, upon which the caution payment will be returned

Urban Night Sprint
3,00 € for all classes or course.

Payment by Bank Transfer

Bank: Caixa Geral de Depósitos
Branch: Estarreja
Account number: 003502910003342833041
IBAN: PT50003502910003342833041

Beneficiary Account Name:
ORI-Estarreja - Clube de Orientação de Estarreja

Beneficiary address:
Apartado 141
3864-909 Estarreja

Beneficiary Bank Address:
Avenida Visconde de Salreu
3860-353 Estarreja

: All transfer expenses should be supported by the one ordering the transfer.
         Any transfer expenses charged by the bank to the Organisation will be added to the club open fee.