Official Banquet - "O Albertino"

Restaurant O Albertino, in Folgosinho.

This restaurant, that in the beginning was a grocery store and a tavern, is now a spot of compulsory stop to whoever is visiting Serra da Estrela. It is a very cosy place, with a rustic decoration, where we are welcomed by helpful and nice people. Therefore, in this restaurant you can find a very pleasant place.

It is situated in the centre of Folgosinho, a little village in the north hillside of Serra da Estrela, 933 meters above the ground, with a castle on top, from where you can enjoy a stunning view.


Here you can enjoy delicious dishes, typically Portuguese, like the starters with the famous “queijo da serra” and regional sausage, the main courses (roasted lamb, calf, piglet, wild boar, etc) and the desserts, all made with great care. To go along with the meal there are many options available, from which we can outline the great wines our country is proud to produce. In the end, you may savour coffee and one of the many after dinner drinks we have to provide.

A vegetarian menu is also available. Make your request when you register.

This time, beyond food and drink, we will also provide musical entertainment to make this a memorable night.


Come along to take part in this great party, have fun with your orienteering friends and enjoy this amazing place!

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